Maximilien |Dz


Previously a communications post-graduate student at Concordia University in Montreal, Max currently lives in Berlin, Germany, where he works in HR Management and Recruitment. In Berlin, he finds the time to be annoyed by German bureaucracy and to enjoy the freedoms of the German capital.
Through his multiple studies in various fields and 5 different institutions, he perfected his ability to consume coffee, criticize academia, and produce content of "satisfactory quality" at the last minute.
Most of his work is "spur of the moment" type of stuff, and by pursuing higher education, he aims to work on his creative side as much his ability to refer to himself in the third person (illeism).

As a Digital Photographer, Max prefers to work on landscapes and has a particular love for two opposites; Grey scale  Threshold Black & White photography and High Dynamic Range photography / photo manipulation (HDR).
In Berlin, and all around Europe, he tries to perfect his multi-expo and focus bracketing skills. Usually with a 35mm f1.4 Art lens or through a crappy Chinese super-wide 14mm.

Also, Pineapple.